Your suppliers are among the most critical stakeholders for your business. Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) is a comprehensive approach to securing the concept of  procurement process arising from core business relationships and developing key strategies.

SupplierPortal ensures that the supply works at a strategic level, by adopting a more collaborative approach and developing a closer relationship. This generates more value in terms of innovation and efficiency than a traditional purchasing relationship to achieve your business goals.

Supplier Segmentation

Segment your suppliers into distinct groups and explore how your business can benefit from segmenting their supply base.

Demand Analysis

Divide and combine different purchase requisitions from your end users to identify most efficient procurement channels and track status.

Purchase Catalog

Create purchasement catalogues to standardize and manage your procurement activities.

Supplier Finance

You can manage financial status of your transactions and provide cash flow options for your suppliers.


Create contracts for your regular purchasements and optimize transactions with fixed orders.

E - Bids

Collect RFB's from different suppliers and compare them for the most correct solution.


Track and manage your shipments from your suppliers.

Performance Management

Track your suppliers performance with different parameters, compare them for your decisions. Manage your supplier audits.

Innovation Management

Collect suggestions from your customers and create surveys for a better SRM process.

Document Management

Manage the documentation process between your business and your suppliers.


Create announcements and different types of alerts to track your SRM process.


Integrate your ERP to collect end user purchase requisitions and provide transparency.

Your suppliers access your purchasing portal with their user name and password and easily become part of your supply chain. You can create purchasing catalogs, divide and combine different requests to optimize the process, track your purchase and RFB’s, plan your shipments and follow up financial status. This allows your suppliers to participate directly in your entire management process and purchasing activities.

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